We Are Secret Hoarders….

CIMG5155 CIMG5156

We didn’t wake up one day and determine this was a good day to be hoarders.  We didn’t all of a sudden think, “passing up a real good deal is not worth it if I have a square foot of floor space available.  I should spend all I have to fill that space.”  And, we didn’t even say, “I need a hobby–I should hoard.”  The consequences of the decision are something we don’t yet fully understand.  As the picture above indicates, our bathtub is no longer usable.  A corner of our bedroom is the proud parent of a growing stack of tubs and boxes.  The end of our bed also has a stack allowing only a narrow passageway out from my side of the bed.

Fortunately, our hoarding (not real hoarder but stuff not tucked semi-neatly into a closet) is because of a little mistake I made when changing the water filter on the refrigerator a couple weekends back.  I popped out the old filter and popped in the new one.  The process seemed a little different then previous filter changes, but water still came out, so in my mind, all was good.

Jump ahead to Tuesday (I believe I had some other semi-traumatic events that took place in the mean time, but since they are not relevant to this story, I will leave those for a future posting or to be erased in the sands of time when my brain starts failing its memory test)  Judy find water sitting in her closet.  Clothes in our bathroom (right outside of her closet) are soaking wet.  Since we always had a basement before, we thought “maybe” something went wrong within our concrete slab…possibly a slab leak.  A call to a plumber had us prepared for the worst.

Sometime right before the plumber arrived, I thought back to the water filter changing.  I got in there and pulled the filter out and made extra sure I got in seated correctly this time.  The “whoosh” convinced me the lack of “whoosh” before was probably the reason for the water problem.  The plumber still came and allowed me to write him a small check for the privilege of telling me I should be more careful when changing the water filter.

Drying out the closet and the issues that followed will be saved for another post.  Believe me, the really easy part was creating the mess.  It was the cleanup where my patience was truly stretched.

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