New Ninja Move

On Father’s Day my family (actually it was me acting with the encouragement of my family) got me a Ninja food-processor/blender.  Of course, I was VERY grateful for their generosity.  Since the boxe has been opened, they have made me a smoothie, peanut butter, hummus, and a couple of things made for breakfast-they didn’t offer me any of the breakfast drink, but since they used it early morning, it did affect my sleep a bit!

So, when my daughter came to me saying, “You want to see my new Ninja move?”  I fully expected her move to have something to do with spinning and sticking arms and legs out in an attempt to simulate the blades on my Ninja.  However, this was not her intention at all!  She just did a “karate” style move and wanted my admiration.  Once I explained to her what I expected, she wished she would have thought of my interpretation first!

Even as my daughters move into  and through the teen age years, I hope I can continue to have an active mind and an appreciative set of eyes to admire the ladies they are becoming!

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