Grunting By Degrees

My daughter was sitting in the backseat reading this morning on the way to her summer workout for cross country.  I, trying to be a good father although teenagers make you sometimes wonder if you have anything worth salvaging, asked her how her book was going.  (This was a book we had reserved online at the library.  We had made a special trip to pick it up.  An earlier inquiry received a simple, “Okay.”)

Due to my love of reading, I was looking for some response with a little passion.  When I received a grunt, I took it as a sign the book was going the right direction.  However, it was my next question where clarity arose.

“What has happened in the book to make you like it more now?”, I ask.

She replied, “It is not really getting better.  I just want something to read.”

It is then I determined the lack of clarity a grunt offers.  A grunt starting with a “N” sound, would certainly be on the negative side of the spectrum–at least as well as can be offered by grunts.  If the grunt started with a “Y” or in my case, anything other than a “N” sound, it is categorized as being more positive.

Due to the failure at my first attempt interpreting the grunt, I may need to give additional attention to any additional syllables–if they are available.  Until then, I will treat most grunts in the affirmative.  And, if done with enough enthusiasm, the grunter may decide to refrain from the grunting and even speak English.  Fathers can be SO demanding!

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