Less Facebook = Happier Life

My mood the past few days has not been what I like for it to be.  I have agonized over it, and I can come up with really only one solution—-Facebook!

It is not the post from friends.  It is not the invitations that I have learned to ignore and delete.  And, it is not even the constant gnawing of “what a pathetic life I live” by reviewing all of the many pictures from foreign places I may never see.  (Somebodies bucket list is getting a good workout.  If only we could assign bucket list items out.  When we live out our assigned item(s), others can live  vicariously through our experience, and we through theirs…..but, that might be another future post.)  No, I am referring to the groups I have that ALL repost the same stories or variations on the same story.  And, to be even MORE specific, it is all of the political stuff I like to stay current on.  (Since I lean right [honestly more than lean], there is lots of information out there to make me go crazy.

So, this morning, I did a purging.  I went through my political groups and with the exception of only a couple, I have stopped following them.  I wish them well, and hope their groups continue to grow.  But, I cannot be part of any future growth.  I have read their stories, watched their little video ads that play before the “real” video (they do make some sort of money off of that–they have to), and I have become visibly frustrated by the bickering and failures of our government to honor its laws and to work together to produce results that those outside of Washington can claim as successful.

If the government is not there for me, then I don’t need to be reading every nuance of a story on Facebook that is documenting the fall.  I don’t need to become enraged reading the spin from various conservative or liberal media outlets.   And, frankly, I don’t need to waste time dealing with what I already know to be the truth – the spiral downward is an inevitable part of the human journey.

On a happier note, I see my mood improving already!

I will journey onward keeping tabs on the plummet downward – the speed and the pitch downward vary, but the direction seems unavoidable.  With this knowledge, my happiness and satisfaction must be sought from other than providing influence on the national level.  I will fully be the dad, husband, and citizen I can be.  I will visit Facebook to keep up on friends.  But, I will NO LONGER use Facebook as a way to peer into the lives of our representatives in Washington.  Many of them serve a different master than I or we have an entirely different idea of what our Master seeks from us.

So, I may give a “like” or provide a comment OR even post something of my own.  My lack of involvement is nothing personal, it is just me.

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