Post-Monsoon Mushrooms


Due to the “much” rain in north Texas early this week, some of the fruits of the rain are creating the inevitable contrast with the grass (presently green).  I am not talking about greener grass (although it is true).  I am not talking about swimming pools that are still nearly overflowing.  (In our pool, the pool will drain the water off until it gets below a certain level.)  I am, of course, talking about the mushroom.

I saw many different varieties on my walk today.  I had no confidence in any prior mushroom recognition skills to pick one up and start chewing.  The varieties were all similar: some sort of toadstool type of thing.  (Not good for eating anyways)  Seeing that many made me think of how mushroom were a lot more numerous up north.  While I am at it, it is worth noting the growth in the beds.  The fungus loves the moisture.  Its mottled brown kind of wavy growth is certainly not something you would plant.  However, the fungus seems to either be a free additive in the bags of mulch or it is a special treasure the flower beds reserves for extra wet conditions. (My kids know they can expect to hear, “There is a fungus among us.” whenever I hear the word.)

It also must be noted the anger mushrooms seem to bring up in people.  It seems observing a mushroom minding its own business is too much for people.  They (or people like me) seem to find it overly compelling to either kick off the top of the mushroom or manually remove its lid.  Fortunately, I have some restraint.  I am usually content destroying only one of family of mushrooms.  Some of my lesser brethren cannot resist the urge to destroy not only the family but any extended family that dwells in close proximity. (In the above picture one of the mushroom family was deceased and on the sidewalk…not at my hand or foot…)

Is there a moral here?  Probably not.  I hope in my observations someone might find a smile as their brains dance through the memories each reader has access to.  And, if not, feel free to borrow some of my memories-none of mine are copyrighted!

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