Easy Salmonella?


What started out as a simple day where the only real plan was making fajitas on the grill, did have a few complications!

With both boys off at 5:00, it looked like we could have one of those rare meals together.  (We do very well eating together IF the kids are at the house.  The “Chik-fil-A wrinkle” is whether they will be off when dinner time arrives OR if they will be far enough removed from their break to make dinner something they will consider.)  We had a partial package of chicken breast in the frig, so I put on my marinading hat.  (Of course, this can be understood to mean tenderizing hammer/mallet and my fat-removal knife.) I grab a convenient cutting board, and I start trimming and pounding.  A few pauses for coating the chicken in the marinade, and 5 breast later, we know the chicken will be our best all tex-mexed for dinner.  I clean up my mess (put away the marinade ingredients, clean off the cutting board, & put the covered chicken into the frig) before going to get the girls.

Knowing the boys can eat a bit of fajitas, we stop at Sam’s on the way home to get another package chicken.  Once we get home prepping the chicken is on my mind, but the fresh hummus we had been planning means lunch, and lunch is our priority.  After some tweaking to our first hummus venture and the introduction of the roasted red pepper (roasted a couple of days before and refrigerated in anticipation of this blessed blending in my new food processor), I praised the girls for reaching the pinnacle of hummus perfection in only two tries.  They took the praise, and prepared the veggies for the hummus dipping.  After arranging the celery, carrots and thin pretzels nicely on a plate, we sat down to eat.  There was no double-dipping as we all dipped into the hummus container.  All 3 of enjoyed it very much.  And, the container was greatly depleted of its marvelous hummus-ness before we hung up our taste buds.

And, no, I haven’t forgotten the salmonella in the title.  As we were cleaning up the kitchen, I noticed the cutting board I had cut chicken on earlier.  It was sitting in the exact spot I would have expected the veggies to be cut on.  Her quick “yes” answered the question I had hesitated to ask, “Did you use this cutting board for the veggies?” (I had scraped the board and the board was made of plastic, but yet it just was not “good” to reuse the board after the previous food that had been playing on its knife etched surface was a protein known to carry “bad” things.)

After running through a quick lecture on “if it is in the sink do NOT use it without asking first”, I did the obligatory Google search on salmonella.  As it turns out, the site I went to informed me we would know in 12 – 72 hours if we were sick.  And, as I write this, we are sitting on 56 hours.  I am VERY hopeful it will just turn out to be a great life lesson for my daughter, but if not, I will still love her.  I am guessing my stomach will ultimately forgive her.  (She did make homemade granola bars today, so I am guessing my stomach has already warmed up to the idea.)  Maybe further research will prove hummus has salmonella killing qualities….  If I am “clean” in 16 hours, I am willing to swear on a can of garbanzo beans that it does!



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