July in Texas?

Didn’t feel like Texas today.  (Today’s paper said it was a record low high-temp) Texas sometimes provides lots of humidity, but the temperatures this time of year are usually pretty simple: will it be almost 100 or will it be over 100?  Today it didn’t break much beyond 80.  The landscape was only to happy to hold onto the moisture and not give it up without a fight.  The sidewalks were able to stay wet without the steam coming off of them.  A walk around the neighborhood was able to be completed without perspiring (I sweat, but my wife does not.  We can settle on self-contained cooling systems) in all of the those places where heat accumulates.

The temperatures were not abiding by a vote taken by the residents.  (I believe this is one thing “both sides of the aisle” could agree on)    The cooler temperatures did have a sidekick know as “rain”.  Although not a complete stranger to Texas, it certainly could visit more often AND let us know it REALLY likes us!  (As I have acclimated to Texas from Ohio, I vacillate on my feelings toward rain.  When the sprinklers runs twice per week under water restrictions and barely soaking the lawn, I think fondly of the lawn mower fighting the setting water in our lawn in Ohio.  When I experience the spring or fall with perfect blue skies and the temperatures cool enough that the life is not daily sucked out of the vegetation, I am pretty happy with minimum rain. )

And, it is for this reason our summer reprieve was so enjoyable.  When “super-summer” kicks in (sometimes before summer officially starts on June 21st or sometimes just flirting with the 100s like we have this year), we go through the motions every day knowing it can’t last forever.  This year, we may still get a few more 100 degree days. (likely we will)  The hiatus from the heat allows us to reset our “heat-whine” so we can tolerate a few more days til possibly the next reprieve.  Or, if we are lucky, we will barely bump the heat threshold again and be surprised when we wake up and fall (or fall like temperatures) have arrived.

As the next morning dawned (really, dawn II for me.  Most of the family caught an early delayed flight east for the birthday of my father-in-law.  An hour after they shuffled out the door, I was able to get back to sleep for a couple of hours.) and I drove for an oil change and car inspection, the sidewalks were full of people with dogs and fluorescent apparel.  They were soaking up every bit of the cool temperatures.  They knew the dirty cottonballs that temporarily filled the heavens were soon to head north.  Our heavens were soon to be filled with that beautiful blue sky and its typical partner, the golden sun.

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