What Is A Family?

A friend fancies himself as a pretty good photographer.  (I know he has a pretty good camera.  His skill does bring out the best in the camera.)  Recently, he posted some pictures on Facebook of a couple he photographed.  He captioned the group of images with this phrase, “Thank you for letting me photograph your beautiful family.”  And, they were a beautiful family made up of two moms, a child, and one on the way.

I am not sure if they are married or what the laws in Ohio are now regarding the marriage of same sex couples.  Upon seeing the images, I could not help thinking how appropriate the caption was for these particular pictures.  A family is something which can have a different definition from the culture, the church or any individual can come up with a unique definition of what family feels like to them.  Family is a word I am in full support of being customized to meet the needs of each individual.  If you want an inanimate object in your family or want to have a family of SO MANY people, this definition does not or should not offend anyone.

If the caption would have been, ” What a beautiful couple” or “What a happy marriage” or something along those lines, then I would have been more bothered by what he posted.  Marriage is joining that occurs legally.  It was for many years “recognized by God”.  Now, the government is redefining through less than legal channels (it is all being done in the courts and not by legislatures) what ALL CITIZENS must recognize as a marriage.  If you don’t like it and won’t treat them like a traditional marriage couple you can be sued and whatever else.

As citizens of the US, we do have the right to pursue happiness.  When your pursuit of happiness interferes with someones else pursuit of life/career/happiness, the present climate has the “non-traditional” largely winning.  People much smarter (this is such a basic question–I don’t think they need to be much smarter than me!) than me should be able to resolve this in a way so it is not so political.  If you have to put an adjective in front of “marriage”, than what has become of the institution of marriage?

Back to the pictures…I applaud the couples commitment to each other and their family.  (I wouldn’t want my spouse to have tatoos, but that is my issue.)  A family should have children and love.  If you venture to much farther from these issues, at its best, the word “family” means stable.  When their marriage is one not capable of procreating as God designed procreation, then I know which marriage more closely aligns with a biblical definition of marriage.  I don’t want to judge them.  When judged, I know I will fall short on many counts as well.  Marriage was established by God.  He set it up for a man and woman to be bound together with Him.  On judgement day, God will have to sort out those who willingly ignored His commandments with an unrepentant heart.

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