Adventures In Boboli



We are fortunate to have a discount bread store close by.  (We think of it as our fortune.  However, all the bread may not be so good for us.)  They sell buns, bagels, fruit pies, specialty beds, and regular bread available at discount prices.  With the discount prices, also comes accelerated expiration dates.  All of the above listed items have been quick to go “bad” while they sit on our counter waiting to be consumed.  (Bad = mold.  Getting a loaf at half price is still expensive if the bread goes moldy in only a couple of days. 😦 )

The discount Boboli (In case you didn’t know, Boboli is a wonderful pre-made pizza crust.  My wife is not exceptionally fond of them, but they sure do help a meal come together quickly.) is an exception to this “bad bread” phenomenon.  There are a couple of different sizes (they even had a football shaped crust once.), a couple of different thicknesses, a couple of different flavors (regular and whole wheat) AND they thaw quickly while taking minimum space in the freezer.

As mentioned above, my wife does not always participate in our Boboli adventures.  Some of our notable Successes:

  • Bar BQ Chicken Pizza:  barbeque sauce w/ sliced grilled chicken.  Grated colby jack and small sliced green onions on top.
  • Carnita Pizza:  salsa sauce with the carnita (our carnita is pork shoulder butt done in the crockpot w/ jalepenos and other Mexican spices.  Before serving it, we broil it in the oven on the top rack) on top.  The same sliced green onions and colby jack are invited to the party, too.
  • Bread for Italian food:  If I am too lazy to make a focaccia, we will put the Boboli on a pizza pan.  Olive oil, Parmesan and some italian spices are sprinkled on top.
  • Chicken fajita:  Another favorite….salsa sauce with caramelized green peppers and onions.  The sliced grilled chicken meat is nestled in with the vegetables with Colby jack on top.

Notable Fails:

  • Macaroni ‘n Cheese:  Some buffet pizza place do  this, but they have perfected it.  We took left over mac ‘n cheese and put it on top of a crust.  I am not sure what we used as a sauce, and it really doesn’t matter.  I don’t think we could salvage this one.  Would a sauce of really creamy cheese that easily melted salvaged this fail?  I doubt we will even knock on the door of such an idea again.
  • Country Fried steak:  I attempted to make this with a bed of white pepper gravy.  The sliced country fried steak went on top w/ grated colby jack on top of that.  It just didn’t have anything about it that made our taste buds want to back this way again.

The Future:

Although we still like quick meals, the bread portion of our diet needs to decrease.  Our big bread eaters (a.k.a the boys) either don’t or won’t be eating with us as much as they used.  My daughters are more aware of the bad side of too much bread in the diet.  This week our extra chicken did not go into a pizza.  We made wraps w/ the chicken and filled the wrap w/ lots of vegetables.  Balancing our dining with the demands of our maturing palettes will likely equal more vegetables and less bread.  Glad to have the discount bread store, but the future is likely going to be spent at Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes.

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