Tea For Two

I was very glad when my son could come home this weekend after having been gone for two weeks.  He had only completed his first week of “official” school, but it was still quite good to see my second born.  While his hair was longer and his beard appeared to be in need of reduction, my brain’s facial recognition software still picked him out rather quickly.  And, since he was in our house, even very buggy software would have picked him out.

Besides our normal father/son chatting, our mutual affection for ice tea (specifically black mango) did come up in conversation.  So, after the arrived home Thursday night, we planned a couple of tea runs.  Although we normally buy a gallon of tea at the local QT, we optioned to buy individual refillable glasses for our first “run”.  (It really was not the optimal way to buy the tea.  After he left for school, I decided to free up the freezer space and stop filling it with two pitchers of tea-one our homemade-decaf-black-mango AND one from QT with their specially caffeine, sweetened version of the same.  The decaf version was maintained in his absence, but the QT version got pulled.  When it was pulled, the lid “somehow” disappeared, making its discounted refilling an impossibility.)  Our first run provided a full 54 oz each of the sweetened beverage (we mix our tea, so it is not ALL sweet or all NOT sweet)  We were happy and quenched.

When Saturdays “run” needed to be done, I knew we would likely also need to make a Sunday run to give him tea for the drive back to school.  As my cheapskate took control, I searched for a gallon jug I could use and fill.  I was rewarded by a milk jug full of water.  The jug had previously been in our freezer taking up space–it was my idea so I thought the freezer was fuller than it really was and I would stop buying so much “stuff”.  My wife determined this wish was not important, and took it out anyways.  After giving the jug a quick bath in bleach and finding a lid that “sorta” fit on top, we ran to QT.

As we did our pre-filling taste test to confirm the tea was worth the expense, we filled our jug.  There may have been a little leaking while we were filling the jug.  This was merely attributed to Jeff being a little sloppy filling it up.  Once we starting walking to the front to pay for it, our prognosis became much more dire.  Our patient was “bleeding” out and needed a tourniquet or some other form of immediate first aid, or she might not make it home.  Fortunately, a few napkins and a few spills as the tea sloshed over the car’s floor mat allowed us to arrive home w/ only a 20-25% or so loss.  As soon as the car was in the garage, I rushed in to get 2 large cups to pour off the tea before it continued to flow out through our very leaky container.

Despite the need to soak up the moisture on the front passenger side, the leaving the floor mats on the driveway to drive out, and the loss of tea, I really enjoyed myself!  I had a little adventure with my son.  He saw dad didn’t get rattled by a small little thing like a leaky jug.  And, most importantly, we did something together that we can refer back to in a few years that will start with, “I remember when…..”

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