Impatient Motorist

In a parallel dimension – somewhere – an impatient motorist hears a siren blaring. To avoid having to stop for the ambulance, she tries to outrun it. Succumbing to the pressure of her husband, she pulls into a driveway to allow the ambulance to pass. As the ambulance prepares to pass it stops and it blares even louder. It also honks its horn–something is wrong with how she is parked. Is she still in the road? What has she done wrong?

In frustration, she pulls back on the asphalt and continues driving south on the tree lined country road. The sirens stop and the ambulance pulls into the very driveway she was parked in.

A small headline the next day read, “Ambulance Arrives Seconds To Late to Save Victim”. Our driver felt very badly. Her vehicle now bears a bumper sticker stating, “I don’t speak SIREN, I only speak HORN”

This is entirely fictional–unless you choose to believe any of it. And, then I will tell you what is not.

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