Board With Life

CIMG5417 CIMG5446 CIMG5500 CIMG5503 CIMG5526


Prior to our home being invaded by our exchange students, there was this blank wall.  As we anticipated having to maintain reminders and schedules for two additional young ladies, the board seemed like a good idea.  It is mounted right inside the back door.  It is visible (at least partially) from our dining area, and it is magnetic.  All of these things would seem to be all of the ingredients necessary to keep us organized–making sure the board performed its assigned function without any argument.

Unfortunately, we did not factor in the need such space would create in our local “artist”.  They have felt inclined to show off for us in a number of ways.  And, as a couple of the images illustrate, they felt the need to take a few different English names and write them in both Korean and Chinese.  Having a tub of colored markers readily available also makes it more difficult to maintain “board” integrity.

Although, many things don’t work out the way you plan, it does not mean it does not work out like it is supposed to.  I do believe in serendipity. I wish I opened myself up to it more often.  I look at this board and the humble plans I had for it.  I wish I gave serendipity more latitude–not because I think I am a secret genius capable of solving the world’s problem somewhere in my subconscious mind, but because I believe in a God who tries to nudge me into action much more frequently then I let Him.

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