Grilled Cheese With Waffle Iron Included

Another one to clear out of the “draft” folder….

Waffleless Grilled Cheese

After last weeks cruise, the emphasis this week was on improving our diets.  (Although cruises are infamous for throwing a few pounds on the hips and any other place they will stick, a combination of exercise and minimal additional meals [the always available pizza and hamburgers does seem to make our decisions more like fish stories, but they are true!!] allowed us to not get to far off of the scale.)  We had two meals using spinach tortillas.  Chicken and lots of those green leafy, onioney, and peppery things with a touch of salad dressing made these pretty healthy choices.  The girls made a new batch of red roasted pepper hummus.  They invited me to join them for their carrot/celery/pretzel dipping feast. As a reward and because it just does not seem right to let a week go by without serving our taste buds something new, my daughters fulfilled their wish to re-purpose the waffle iron.

Without much guidance but a pressing need to use a non-stick spray, we treated the waffle-grilled cheese just like how we would have treated it if on a griddle.  The waffle timer was mostly irrelevant.  And, our waffle iron “likes” to have everything squashed together pretty tight before it will allow the waffle iron to do a half flip.  The first couple sandwiches were not fully embracing their waffleness.  We were reluctant to force everything into the very tight space demanded by the waffle iron.  As the successes continued, we took more risk.  By the 5th one (my oldest son ate two), we were pretty confident in the latitude allowed us.

This was not a diet meal, but it was fun and not too bad for us.  (We did use wheat bread!)  With the carbohydrates being watched (breakfast food tends to be heavy in the carbs and the grease – pancakes and sausage or french toast and bacon or donuts.), it is good to take one of the those appliances that has to compete for shelf space a chance to shine.  And, shine it did!  Although we were tempted to fill the waffle dimples with syrup, we were very content to consume our sandwich with a side of chips and salsa.

Maybe the waffle quesadilla will be our next attempt to give the waffle iron a little higher place on the appliance shelf.  (I don’t know if there is a pecking order with appliances, but I am sure the non-electric ones [manual can opener] are constantly dealing with self-esteem issues.)  Regardless of the appliance or ingredients, lunch is better with my girls and the enthusiasm they bring to nearly everything.

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