A Lasting Impression


I will admit to not being a huge Mel Brooks fan, but I am a fan of those who are willing to do the unexpected and act in a way where the “normal” is turned on its ear.  And, this is where Mel Brooks proved he is a comedienne who has comedy to span generations.

A quick glance may prevent you from seeing his humorous spin on the Chinese Theater experience.  Using a prosthetic extra finger and allowing it to be captured in concrete, will give this Hollywood “star stop” a very interesting back story for years to come.  Did he really have 6 fingers on one hand?   I never knew he had 6 fingers.  But, in a generation of smartphone owners, any legends created just for fun will quickly be shot down by a Googling public.  Regardless, I applaud this attempt to make a fun and lasting impression in a world where extreme behaviors are normalized.

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