Tonight’s Walk Around The Neighborhood

After enjoying our 4th Asian/2nd Korean meal since our exchange students arrived, my wife and I took off on our walk.  After we settled into our walk pace with only the occasional yo-yo-ing as either my wife or I assumed the lead, we dodging a few sprinklers and the set of grandparents walking all of their grandkids, the walk really only had two, make it three, alright four is my limit, highlights.

  1. As we rounded one of the 4 courts we walk (the walk in total is about 3 miles), an older hobbit-like gentlemen with a 4-pointed cane visually separated himself from the HOA-demanded, brick mailbox.  As we got closer to him and prior to him looking up, my wife said, “How are you doing tonight?”  Without missing a beat, he looked up and said, “I hate healthy people!” (His response was definitely an exclamation point.) Instead of risking saying something that might falsely assume he was joking, I simple replied, ” We like you too!”  In my one previous encounter with this neighbor, he did seem a little eccentric.  I am not completely sure what the “boring-psychotic” spectrum looks like, but this guy just graduated out of eccentric.
  2. Over the past 2-3 weeks, we have continued to pass the same location at just over our half way point in our walk.  At a built up stone wall with grass behind, there is a brush that I do not believe has moved during the whole period.  Initially, I thought the girl who gets on the school bus there used it to kill time and get beautiful prior to getting on the bus.  (This was the theory after the “she-just-left-it-there-this-morning” hypothesis soon was realized to be horribly incorrect.)  My present theory unless I become brave enough to try and physically move the brush is the many hairs on the brush have become semi-sentient.  They will/make themselves to go into the soil, and they are now bringing nutrients and moisture up into the brush, the giver of life.  Should I start to see a stem, I will go to the tree under the cover of darkness and dig it up so it can be transplanted in my backyard.  I do not know what a crop of brushes will look like, but it is sure to sell on eBay.
  3. The house that has been “Just Listed” for the past month has apparently reached its statute of limitations.  The real estate police came out and let them know once you exceed 30 days, the word “Just” can’t be used on your real estate sign UNLESS it is the name of your realtor. Also, on the same real estate sign, they have 3 baby signs underneath the parent signs.  (I believe the three say, “Pool”, “Unbelievable”, “Must See”, respectively.) We are convinced the listing price will go down $10,000 per “baby” sign removed.
  4. The “Yard of the Month” sign finally moved yesterday.  The other house had been allowing the sign to camp in their yard for the past 5 or 6 weeks, and I think their bushes, perennials and annuals were feeling the pressure.  When plants can’t relax, no amount of water can relieve the stress. The newly appointed “yard” seems to be dwelling in the yard with the second best flowers in the neighborhood.  The yard with the best flowers must be a recent recipient of the coveted award or they must be behind on their HOA dues.  We thought planting all of our roses in the spring would have paid off, but the sprinkler guy adjusted all of the heads in the front bed, and the petunias all died.  We will be sure to be early with the dues next year!

We enjoy our walks, the Texas fall night, and the healthy bodies God has blessed us with.  Although not all walks bring the incredible insights I received this evening, I continue to be grateful my wife is by my side, and I can always hold out hope the kids finally did the dinner dishes while we enjoyed our walk.



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