When I Do Dishes….


As the whole family has watched the dishes mound up, it has caused all of us to feel some level of guilt.  A brave family member (usually my wife) dives in and often washes all of them or causes the onslaught of the dirty dishes to temporary be abated.  The most recent attack of the dirty dishes (in the spirit of Halloween, maybe someone should dress up as dirty dishes.  Although it doesn’t scare everyone, a pile of dirty dishes seems to make homework remarkably attractive and interesting.) had not receded over the past few days, so something needed to be done.  I washed a few dishes last night, but after letting a few things soak, I did not get back to the sink before the water was cold.  To redeem myself, I promised to finish the remaining dishes in the morning.  It was after this weak attempt that I was provided with the necessary ingredients: the cookie sheets and the drying rack (my wife baked cookies so my daughter could take them for a friends birthday).  Without these key components, it would have just been just another unsightly pile of clean things.

As the clean dishes flew out of the sink this morning, I was not sure if there was a stable structure in there.  Fortunately, I didn’t let my dish washer hands ruin my latent engineering skills. I don’t do dishes often, but when I do, I build something.

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