Armadillos In The Bed

CIMG0084 CIMG0083


No, we didn’t get our flower beds aerated.  No my wife and daughters didn’t put on their heels and tramp through the flower beds.  We suspect, based on previous observations of early morning armadillo activity, we had some visitors who were looking for a meal.  Whatever it may be about our beds, they either presently have some grubs or some grandpa armadillo struck grub gold in the past in our beds.

We don’t have anything valuable enough in the beds to worry about it.  Wednesday morning, I noticed a couple holes around the yucca.  And, this morning, their were more holes and they had spread out over a wider area.  If I go out tomorrow and find they have plugged something into the outside outlet and set up equipment to harvest the grubs, I may take a greater interest in their plans.  Otherwise, it is just a story to tell and something to distract us from all of the darn squirrels!!

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