Lucky Guess

As I was getting my daily allotment of the black mango tea calibrated to the proper level of sweetness, I noticed a older lady filling up her gallon jug of “regular” sweet tea.  Not having anything else to do as the tea tap poured out the sweetened nectar those in the south consider part of life, I engaged her in conversation.

“Buying it by the gallon.  That’s the way to do it!  When you buy it that way it certainly saves you money!”, I stated.

“The tea isn’t for me.  It is for my husband.  He gets cranky if he doesn’t get his tea.”, she commented.

“It would be a shame if your marriage of 50 years ended because the tea jug wasn’t full!”, I prodded.

“It will be 50 years later this month.”, she replied with a slight look of surprise.

“Really, ma’am, I have no special abilities to know how long you have been married–it was just a lucky guess.”, I defended.

“No problem, young man.  I got all of my grey hair honestly.  It hardly seems like it has been 25 years.”, she reflected.

“I have been married almost 25 years–they sure go fast.  Congrats on staying married that long.”

I enjoyed the conversation with the kind lady.  As we went to check out, she was right behind me in the line.  I offered to buy her drink and her jug, but she quickly showed me the coupon that was going to get her everything for free.

As I checked out, I commented to the cashier, “Good to see the caterpillar is coming back.” (He had shaved his mustache, and he is sporting a new would-be butterfly on his upper lip.)  He acknowledged my comment with a grunt or a smile.

As a work from home dad, I don’t get the routine a person gets who regularly goes to a workplace.  I enjoy the conversations I am granted during the course of my day.  (Phone conversations are not nearly as rich as those in person.)  It is not my goal to be memorable, but it is my goal to leave a smile in my wake.   Although I believe I left others during the day, this little errand gave me a couple of smiles as well.

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