Road Humps or Speed Bumps

Beware of the Road Humps...

Beware of the Road Humps…

Now, that I am becoming accustomed to my new walking route, (our city just put some great walking paths in our neighborhood that tie us into other paths and other neighborhoods) I am getting past the new things…the variety of houses, the barking dogs, the whole new set of bike riders and other pseudo-athletes, and, of course, the road signs.

  • One of the road signs is an electronic sign that provides the speed of the approaching vehicles.  I am not a vehicle or able to walk at a pace to be registered by this device, so it has minimal impact on me.
  • “No Motorized Vehicles”:  It seems this sign is not fully heeded…yet.  As the paths are being completed and as vehicles claim access (or they find it a really neat short cut to the park for a place to hide and take an extended lunch) I have had to dodge a few vehicles and yield to them.  I could do some “planking”, but I am not sure they would realize I was just laying in the road.  Since many of the drivers may not be English speakers, they might take it as their responsibility to fulfill my wishes.
  • The one that gives me the most pause is “Road Humps”.  The irony is this name is it sounds like it is a naturally occurring phenomenon.  “We can’t help it.  The road just has humps.  We fix them and they just go back that way.  Depending on temperature, time of day, or weather conditions, the humps may vary.   It is more like a rash really.  The humps are not worthy of being called “speed bumps”, but it they were, we would change the signage to reflect that fact.”

For me, I see “speed” in the title, and I assume what the sign is warning me against will soon impact my speed in some way.  The “humps” in the other name makes we wonder if the road has somehow developed some “camel-envy”.  It is trying to mimic a bactrian or dromedary?

I am grateful to be getting more familiar with my walking path.  Now, as I walk, my mind can wander and not worry about the next right or left turn.  Not always does my mind have a thought that spawns many a random thought.  But, when it does, I relish the journey and try not to limit its direction.  If growing old allows more freedom in what you can think about , I will look forward to what the next decade of my life will look like!


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