Politically Incorrect Voting

Although some may think early voting is unpatriotic, I find it a great way to thumb my nose at all of the ads that will continue to air for almost another 2 weeks.  It is my way of taking back some of my TV time from those who think they can buy my vote–my mind has been made up for quite a few weeks now!

To vote, I wore a t-shirt featuring “Noah’s Ark”.  Our church has used this as its “Summer Spectacular” theme a few years ago.  So, the church and ark were both pretty prominent on the shirt.  As I walked up to get myself identified, I presented my ID.  (I am in Texas so an ID is required)  The following conversation followed:

“I like your t-shirt.”, said the 60ish male with a few tattoos on his arms.  His arms were not covered, just a couple.

“Thanks.  I wasn’t sure if it would be allowed in the voting area.”, I replied.

“You still live in America, don’t you?”, he countered.

“Sometimes I am not sure.”, I reflected.

“I divorced my wife a few years ago.”, he attempted to change the subject.

“Well, at least that’s not politically incorrect.”, I said with a smile.

After getting my 4-digit code to punch into the machine, I voted on the two issues and then chose the “straight ticket” option.  I was done voting prior to the 2 people who started ahead of me.  As I walked out, I gave a thumbs up to one of the people representing the school issue.

As it turned out, my attire was far more politically correct than my mouth.  I was worried about my shirt while forgetting to attach a “muzzle” to my mouth. I am not saying the voting booth is the place to give some clues to your political colors, but there are many places where we need to stop being fearful.  If everyone buys into being “PC”, then the course is laid out for our country.  If our conscience is allowed to be trumped by a culture, then we might as well enter a sealed chamber prior to voting (or any other activity citizens of our country are supposed to engage in) and have our conscience sucked out of us.  If we are afraid to use our personal moral barometers to direct our daily decisions, we should say our daily prayers as we face Washington DC.


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