The Internet Timeout

As I have tried to get away from the distractions of life and the responsibilities associated with my various roles, I have been finding the available wireless internet access points that are free.  While I am inclined to at least get a drink prior to getting comfortable, I am pretty sure I have seen the guy sneak into McDonald’s and pull his computer out without having any qualms whatsoever.

The timeout probably does not effect most normal people.  If you are surfing, eating your meal and leaving once the meal is completed, or just stopping for a quick snack, you may not encounter this dreaded phenomenon.  The slayer of a great ideas and the denier of great thoughts!  What is it?  The “free wireless boot”!

I experienced this today while enjoying my tea at McDonald’s.  I realized I probably overstayed my welcome, but I was not warned or given any grace in the matter.  I went to publish something I worked hard to craft only to find my connection was not very interested in staying connected to me.  The laptop (a chromebook, so I don’t know all of its nuances) said the wifi was present.  All of my tinkering and attempting to salvage the situation resulted in the perfect edits ending up as unsaved characters on an otherwise compliant screen.  I have since tried to publish it, but I am convinced my memory and editing skills were far less superior when I tackled it later in the day.

My Panera shove was not nearly as disastrous.  Although my wifi connection and I temporarily lost interest in each other, I was able to rekindle the relationship before anything ephemeral or “brilliant” was lost for the ages.  (If it is not obvious, my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek as I typed this.)

Certainly I can try and find a muse residing where the internet is always free and non-judgmental.  I could even attempt to forego all of my responsibilities when my office door is closed.  However, since I don’t trust myself and my unceasing efforts to assign blame and avoid the capturing of even one good thought, I am likely to continue to seek inspiration beyond the cluttered desk and boring walls of my self-proclaimed den. My den is a place where ideas may not go to die, but they certainly to not live as freely or as vibrantly as when they are grown while drinking someone else’s coffee or tea.


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