Orange Laptop


Although I like my technology, I don’t stay on the front edge of the technology curve.  I have had a couple of laptops.  I bought an Ipad over 3 years ago before my wife and I went to Europe, but my most recent addition seems to get the most attention.

My son got a Chromebook for school this year.  He enjoyed its features and its ability to be so easily mobile.  I put it on my list of things I would like to have sometime soon.  And, as our exchange student needed to borrow my Ipad for the first few months she was here, the Chromebook moved up the wishlist considerably.  I tried to make one of my old laptops work, but it did not possess the mobility I needed.  As my birthday approached, my wife went ahead and greenlighted the purchase of the Chromebook.  So, I purchased it and handed it over to my wife to add to my gift stash.  (She got a cruise for her significant birthday while i got a laptop…)

Even though it is “only” a Chromebook, I did personalize it with an orange shell.  While the shell allows me to tilt the computer to assure proper typing angle,  the non-screen orange shell-side does catches quite a few eyes. While I was at Panera recently,  a little boy could not take his eyes off of it.  He kept turning around in his highchair.  His mother kept adjusting the chair to make it more difficult for him to see it.  Not to be deterred, he kept cranking his little head around to have his eyes tickled by the neon orange “TV” without a changing picture.

My daughters and others have also commented on my orange laptop.  It looks kind of like a Macbook.  The orange cover distracts and allows anyone looking at it to just think about how something that color must be cool. Cool or not, it is a great little laptop.  If it leads to a few conversations and a few more ideas for postings, it will have more than exceeded my expectations.

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