Your Neighbor May Not Be Very Nice If…


Although these may look like an innocent pile of leaves, they really are not.  And, if you are curious, they are not some random swirling of leaves who all decided to congregate at approximately the same place.  We are pretty sure it is a plot crafted by our neighbors to get back at us for something beyond our control….

When we bought the house almost 5 years ago, both our neighbors and us had swimming pools.  As an additional bonus, we had an elm tree hanging over our pool.  It ALSO hung over our neighbors pool and our back fence.  When we moved in, the tree was well established.  It is not a mutant tree we bought from a catalog nor is it a tree that has benefited from any type of dark magic.  It is simply a tree with natural tree-like tendencies.  And, when it gets close to winter time (commonly referred to as autumn or fall), the leaves fall off of the tree.  They are not vindictive.  They do not follow bizarre whims or mystical vortexes that propel them into places other than where God intends for them to go.  Sometimes it is windy, and sometimes it is not.  Once the tree decides it is done with its foliage, it is a VERY random thing.  Sometimes the randomness of these actions will allow these leaves to fall into someones pool.  And, if your neighbor has a big tree with lots of foliage, it would seem almost impossible to believe all leaves would avoid your yard/pool entirely.  When these random leaves arrive in someone’s pool, it is likely they will float (or sink) and arrive in the pool’s skimmer.  Once in the skimmer, the leaves are all packed into a little basket until the faithful owner arrives to take the basket to the garbage or compost pile or….

Now, back to our picture…Just to the right of the leaf piles, we have our property line.  (It does not follow the driveway, but it is just to the right.)  It is our contention our neighbor chooses to dump his skimmer basket in his front yard just to the left of the property line.  It is also our belief that our neighbor hopes the wind blows the leaves into our yard.  And, if he is really fortunate and cheers the leaves on really loudly, he might be rewarded by some of the leaves he rescued from the skimmer arriving in our garage! (In the spring/late-winter when the same tree drops lots of seeds, we also find similar piles of seeds in the front yard.)

The same neighbor has been known to mow our thin strip of grass to the left of our driveway, so I am trying to remember this as I fail to find any rational way to explain his “skimmer-dumping” habit.  I usually have to satisfy myself with thinking it is their teenage son who has become frustrated doing the extra pool maintenance.  In his teenage mind full of distortions and perceived unfairness, the dumping of the skimmer trash on the edge of our yard is the only fair way to resolve the incredible misfortune he has been forced to endure.

In other ways, the neighbor is completely fine.  He does wave or engage in brief conversations if we are both out at the same time.  (I have been known to wait a little longer in the house before going outside to give him time to leave.  Their driveway is on the other side of the house, so this is not a very frequent phenomenon.) While realizing I am not a perfect neighbor, I will have to be content “hoping” he treats his other neighbor better than he treats us.  If the worst he is going to give me is something biodegradable, I will be grateful.  And, if the worst I give him is a little bit of a tongue lashing via a blog, then maybe we are about even…

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