Population Reduction Therapy



I know most people really love flies!  They love to have them flying around touching their food, making false kamikaze dives at their head and being the life of the party.  As fall has arrived and the temperatures have dropped, I have found therapy in reducing the fly population by at least a few in a very hands on way.

As the above picture indicates, I executed a fly in my rather cluttered workspace.  I calculated a “clap” just an inch or so above his home. (I am not aware of flies having true homes.  In my understanding, a flies home is where he plants his feet and extends his antennae.) If improperly calculated, my “clap” will knock something down or one hand will ricochet off of some object determined to delay my justice.  However, when properly executed, this maneuver allows for the flies habit of hopping up slightly before turning on the “gas” and taking flight.  If the “clap” is completed but the fly is too nimble, I usually give myself a very red hand. (Due to my excesses of youth, I did hear of a fly research facility studying alternate “take off” techniques.”

It is almost unfair to mention a couple of flies I have also killed recently.  They thought they hit the jackpot when they were left in the refrigerator.  However, after their extended stay at the chilled buffet, not only were their bellies full (everything was covered, so it is not like our food was bait for my killing spree), but their movements were very lethargic.  I easily claimed a couple of victims–victims that would not have photographed nearly as well as my desktop accomplishment.

Since my wife and I both share a strong dislike for the buzzing that apparently is in a flies job description, it is hard not to hold a grudge against these buzzing machines. (Their rules for life seem to be “buzzing and ‘make yourself comfortable’ wherever you may be”.) My wife appreciates me volunteering to do the “wetwork” involved in purging our household of these very uninvited guest.  And, I have been remorseful for a number of things in my life, but fly eradication is not one of them!

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