Conscientious Longhorn



Of course, it was imagined! And, of course, I couldn’t understand a longhorn if he (generic he – both genders of longhorns have horns ) tried to communicate with me.  But, after getting this picture, I was certain I heard  the wind or some sort of moo-lish communication expressing this concern, “Do my horns make my hips look big?”

After having been in more than one discussion with my wife (who does NOT have horns), I have learned any answer relating to this line of questioning needs to be handled delicately.  I suppose my answer would be in the form of a question, “You have hips?  Your horns are so beautiful I hadn’t noticed!”

If my wife did have horns, she would probably make a great cow.  And, if she were still my wife, I probably had an odd childhood….



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