Curious Squirrel Boogie


As I was getting my nearly 1/2 gallon plastic cup of ice water assembled, I noticed I had a spectator.  My glance up from the sink revealed a tail end of a squirrel trying to seek shelter from his extreme curiosity.

I set my water down before committing to do whatever it took to get the squirrel out of our yard.  Since he was not as certain of this eventuality as I was, we did go back and forth a bit.  As I opened the back door to the porch, he was already moving along the brick-wide “path” that easily lent itself to his  exclusive travel.  My initial leap out of the door caused him to move toward the next patio (near the inner tube)  to see if I was serious in fulfilling my pledge.  As I expected this pause, I followed him along the white line, as shown above, and beyond.

After clearing the yard, he was able to move back into his comfort zone.  He quickly climbed a small tree to gain the fence.  After followed the fence to the tree, he parked on the backside of the tree feeling confident I would assume he went up to the nest above.  (There must be some territorial thing with squirrels. In the tree he was using as temporary shelter, there are a couple of squirrel nest above.  I have yet to see any squirrel gangs in our neighborhood OR yard, but that does not mean the “Acorns” and the “Oaks” don’t have a deep feud both gangs have forgotten the origin of.) After a couple of rounds of peek-a-boo as I poked my head around both sides of the back of the tree, he knew he needed to boogie out of town pretty quickly.

He dropped to the ground and ran into the neighbors yard through the plank that was on strike in our shared fence.  (Since we have the “pretty” side of the fence, we are told the responsibility for fixing/replacing the fence largely falls upon us.)  I probably grunted or yelled or performed some sort of rodent impression as he made his final dash.

This was not my first bout with these over-abundant nut lovers.  There was a time over 3 years ago when our house served as the battle ground for “Squirrel Wars”.  The emotional scars are still healing!  We still feel violated and dirty whenever we go into our upper attic…..

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