Desktop Down

After previous computer deaths (this includes external hard drives) and the discovery of “unreplaceable pictures”, we did set all of the computers up for “Carbonite” a few years ago.  So, when the computer semi-officially died yesterday (my son gets home from college tomorrow.  I will give him one shot at it before I deem it official.), my wife had NO concern about any of the expenses and time related to the purchase and setup of the new computer.

With a “I really hope you answer yes to this question” sort of look, she asked, “All my picture are okay, aren’t they?”
With no real choice in the matter, I answered, “Yes, dear!”

Fortunately, I had been anticipating this death for awhile.  The grinding or spitting or verbal exhaust of the nearly 6 year old desktop had Dr. Dad prepared for this moment for quite sometime.  A couple of weeks ago, I arrived at my most recent brilliant plan to save EVERYTHING digital at one location.  The previously mentioned “orange” Chromebook came with a two year TERABYTE of data deal.  So now, I have been moving videos, images, documents and whatever I can find from assorted CDs, DVDs, & SDHC cards onto GoogleDrive. Of course, I am maintaining an additional copy of everything.  However, due to Carbonite not ingesting all of the above mentioned file types on my chosen Carbonite plan, I have begun this consolidation journey.

As the details of my “plan” were coming together, I realized my wife’s pictures were a top priority.  Last week, I filled a USB drive with what I believed were all her pictures.  I had a tough time convincing myself I had ALL of her pictures.  The folders were all “time stamped” with descriptive names.  I saw a couple of small gaps, but I just assumed all of the folder names were descriptive of the most recent events prior to the upload.  No problem.  Happy wife!

After last night’s assumed non-rescusitatible death, I started digging around on the Carbonite backup of that computer.  And, I realized how many more pictures were tucked away somewhere in the Carbonite cloud.  I have been downloading folders FULL of pictures most of last night, this morning, and for most of the foreseeable day.  In total, I am likely to add another 40+ gigs of data to my “unlimited” GoogleDrive.

Although no death is convenient, this death should have a happy ending for me.  Momma is happy she should have all her pictures available again soon.  (I salute her for being such a shutterbug, but WOW does she capture everything.  Additionally, she borrows other peoples SD cards, so she has recruited other people to make sure she is never criticized by her children for not having a proper answer to, “Where is the picture of me doing [whatever]?”) I will be happy when my sons enthusiasm for a new computer will translate into them setting it up.  (Yes, I could wait for Christmas to get the new computer, but since Christmas lists are pretty full and momma needs her computer for more Shutterfly albums and researching vacations we may never take.) And, everyone else will be happy when they have a dependable, non-noisy, superfast hunk of hardware to play Runescape or look at Pinterest!

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