Guilty As Accused

I have suffered from this phenomenon for a number of years, but I never had a word for it.

Abibliophobia-the fear of running out of reading material

I remember going on vacations while growing up.  I always was afraid I would run out of things to read.  (We had a great large van.  My dad built a platform for us to lay on while the suitcases were packed in underneath.  We even had a fan and small refrigerator in the van for those LONG driving days he so enjoyed.  With all the seat belt stuff these days, it would probably be a illegal…) Since I have gotten married, I still have enjoyed hauling more books along then was reasonable.  Even though I had my kids to entertain and take care of, I still seem to have a reading expectation programmed into my brain.  I would haul around a stack of books and not even get half way through.  I was always afraid I would start one of the books and find out it was too slow, too profanity laden, or too full of adult scenes.

Fortunately, I lived long enough to see the Kindle.  (The Nook is interchangeable, but I use the Kindle.)  I just have to pack my Kindle.  I have some religious, fantasy, and thrillers.  I even have a couple of games.  The Kindle has certainly eased my packing.  And, now that airplanes don’t make me shut it off during takeoff and landing, it is even better.  (Because I am eternally paranoid, I usually take at least one book should the Kindle every unexpectedly die.)

I will likely always be a little odd in this way.  Even with the Kindle, I will load up on a few extra books before a trip.  I know I will never get to them, but it is just seems like “old” times when I load the Kindle with a few new books before a trip.  The other part about being a abibliophobic is owning a book makes it half read!

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