The Thrill of An Unknown Frontier


With the passing of Leonard Nimoy this week, my Facebook page was filled with many references to him.  As I read each of these post, I thought, “There is nothing I can add to this.”  While it might be debated whether anything new can be added, seeing an Alaska license plate today gave me hope that I might.

When I read, “The Last Frontier” on the plate, I could not help thinking of the “The Final Frontier”.  Why did Alaska choose “frontier” for their license plate?  Why did Gene Roddenberry choose to include “frontier” in the opening to Star Trek?

“Space…the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise,
its five-year mission

….to explore strange new worlds
…to seek out new life and new civilizations
…to boldly go where no man has gone before.”Gene Roddenberry (August 10, 1966)

Growing up in the 70’s gave me the opportunity to see the entire Star Trek phenomenon unfold.  And, while I do NOT own any Star Trek paraphernalia, I do have multiple bookshelves and boxes full of fantasy/science fiction books.  Although Star Wars also certainly influenced my reading choices, Star Trek certainly provided the foundation-making me receptive to many literary voyages outside of the mind.

Additionally, Mr. Nimoy took me by the hand and provided me a peek into the controversial and paranormal with “In Search Of“.  He introduced me to many mysteries and unexplained occurrences.  Now, with our many cable options, I find it very difficult to not sit down and watch a show on the pyramids, the loch ness monster, or any story hinting at extra-terrestrial involvement.

Thank you, Leonard Nimoy!  You played a significant role in stretching my mind to embrace a world where all of the pieces did not fit together perfectly.  You helped build a curiosity in the things on this planet and things on other planets.  You gave me a logical look at a situation when your Captain was nothing but emotion.  And, you helped sow the seeds in many creative frontiers – the minds of your viewers.

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