That Or Nothing

As we went out for my son’s birthday today, we enjoyed a great meal at Pei Wei.  I found out the Thai Dynamite Chicken was not only fun to anticipate what would happen in your mouth, it was fun to experience as well.

And, when you have 11 people [5 adults (6 if you count my post-teen son] and 5 kids.  We were at two separate tables ) the conversation will span a variety of categories.  My friends mother-in-law of 79 years (He has not been married 79 years; she is 79 years old) had just had cataract surgery in both eyes over the past two weeks.

Me:  “Now that your eyes are all taken care of, you are ready to wear your bikini and sunglasses and work on your tan.”

M-I-L: A nod, but not much enthusiasm.  Maybe a hint of a smile touching the corners of her mouth.

Me:  “If not a bikini, I guess you could just wear a one piece.”

M-I-L:  “It will be that or nothing at all.”

Me: “Well, I guess there are beaches for that, too.”

M-I-L:  Big grin followed by “I suppose”.

Since being young, I have been convinced the “old” like to laugh too!  Now, with me being more old than young, I am even more convinced of it.  I am hopeful my kids and grandkids will not be afraid to try out their clean humor on me.  Although I may add decades, I am confident my humor will survive at some level far into my retirement.  (This is assuming my brain is working at a level where mental gymnastics are still possible.)

Don’t let the wrinkles fool you!  Conversations like the one above will recharge the laugh bank accounts of both the young and the old.  It is an privilege to make a smile appear on a wrinkled face.  When I am old and wrinkled some day, I look forward to wearing a smile all of the time.  And, if not that, I will do all I can to smile while helping to create a smile on a young unwrinkled face.

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