Heard In The Shelves

I just feel like I am a better person when I am around books.  My wit seems to become a little wittier.  My sarc becomes a little more sarcasmier.  And, my boundaries may become a little blurrier.  I love reading a knew book.  And, when my reading list far exceeds my available time (I realize I would gain more time if I wasn’t looking so much.), the second best thing is wandering through the shelves at a Barnes and Noble or Half-Price books or….the local library.

The local library has a great selection of books.  Since my focus is primarily fiction, this is usually where I spend my time.  While wandering the shelves somewhat aimlessly has been my previous modus operandi, the library put a new twist into my wandering.  While I knew approximately where certain authors were before, the library has done a recent shuffling of books.  I “think” everything is still there-the large print now have an entirely different area; the fiction books have now moved mostly 2-5 full shelves towards the bottom of the alphabet.  (Meaning Dean Koontz books are now where Robert Ludlum books used to be.)  As I am still trying to get my bearings on where to find my authors, I did put my “eavesdrop” ears on. The two library employees one row over were talking about their lives.

Man: “….I don’t make enough money to pay my traffic ticket.”

Woman:  “Ask if you can do community service.  That is what I did.”

Man:  “I am working two jobs already to pay the bills.  If I could do that, it would be great.”

Woman:  “All you can do is ask.  I didn’t have the money either, so they let me do community service in Hurst.”, she says as she wanders back to the door of the employee area.

I could continue to ramble.  Anything typed would just dilute two truths of life touched on above:

  1. Things change
  2. It never hurts to ask – preferable nicely.


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