Gutter Check

As a nearly 5 year Texas resident, rain has not been a frequent visitor.  When it rains, it can be just like a rain you might find in the midwest–just less frequently.  There are the teasing rains and the downpour rains.  The little sprinkles are not likely to reveal a special type of sin like what is only experienced when the heavens open and let the rain droplets all drop at once for an extended period.  This morning was one of those days.  And, the sin is failing to clean out the gutters.

My sin was not a singularity but something I allowed to occur in both the front and back yards.  Although the contents of the gutters varied slightly, both front and back were full of similar stuff:  monster pine needles, seeds and buds from our elm tree (the same elm tree that makes us toil endlessly to make our pool “floatee” free in the spring and fall) a few leaves from whatever tree is tall enough to contribute, and although not a contributor to the blockage, both gutters had a layer of the gravelly stuff originally attached to our roof shingles.

In the front yard, the surface was level.  The ladder allowed me to stretch upward and the rains continued to come downward.  After fishing around in the little creek previously referred to as our gutter, I grabbed a handful of organic material.  Even though the first handful had changed the flow and saved the flower that was becoming pelted by the faulty gutter, I took a couple more handful to save myself climbing up on the ladder again later.  (I was wet already, so a few more seconds did not matter.)

The backyard had the additional challenge of stairs.  I mentally committed to “fixing” this one after the rain.  However, since my clothes dried pretty quickly from the first installment in the “Set Our Gutters Free” project, I decided I could handle the second installment in the rain as well.  When I reached the top of the ladder, the detritus was bobbing in the gutter like it was awaiting me.  As I plunged my hand into its depths (not even up to my wrist) while precariously balancing myself on the top of the ladder, I had a slight feeling of vertigo.  The porch steps (see picture below) were causing me to stretch further than I felt comfortable.  Knowing the gutters would not clean themselves, I focused on removing this final sin (I have LOTS of other sins I seem to insist on committing, but for the sake of this post, I am only referring to the sins that prevent my roof and related systems from functioning as they were designed.).  Once I threw the globs of tree dung to the concrete below and slowly reversed my climbing, I rapidly stepped out of the rain.

Once the rain stops, I will clean up the evidence of my sins against my house.  As a homeowner (sometimes referred to as a “home moaner”), I sometimes fail to be as proactive as I need to be.  And, as an infrequent blogger, I sometimes attempt to make the mundane entertaining.  I guess I will have to leave these sins to be addressed at a later time.


The seeds, needles and leaves gifted to our house so that it might reside in our gutters until a time such as this.


This bucket was empty when the gutter began its excessive partying. After the party catalyst were removed, the buckets and its contents could somberly observe the tumultuous downpour.


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