When Winter Makes An Appearance…

In an effort to clean out my drafts, I am really going for it today!

IMG_0089 IMG_0091


Winter has made multiple appearances in Texas this year.  While it is not a “winter-free” state, it is not a state well equipped to deal with this uninvited visitor. (He is not unwelcome, but multiple visits of snow even wear on the hardiness of Texas snow drivers.)

This “draft” was started nearly 6 weeks ago.  The image on the left is just showing what we are NOT supposed to see in March in Texas.  The image on the right is of the variable rate toll road.  It was so bad today (by local standards) the almighty “Wizard of Tollrates” decided he (It could be a “she”.  If that is your preference, please substitute “Wizardess” or whatever is appropriate.)  felt guilty charging people extra to use the less cluttered toll lanes.

While my daughters LOVED having a day off of school with snow, it did cost them getting the day off after Easter.  The school builds 2 or 3 calamity days into the calender, but rarely uses them.  This year the snow/ice decided they should!

Morale of the story:  Eat, drink, and be merry because tomorrow could be a calamity day!

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