Walking With My Senses

As I was walking today, I experienced a couple things that inspired a few of my sense to higher places.  As a stroke of creative genius (or in a fit of over-inflated ego), I captured pictures of a couple of things my senses constantly seeking….



Since we lived in Ohio, I have missed the smell of lilac.  And, while I cannot say for certain this is a lilac, it smelled LOTS like one.  It may have only temporarily hijacked my sense because my lilac-sensor was out of practice.  Regardless, whatever it was, I enjoyed it.  The aroma/scent/smell tapped into a part of my brain I have not visited for awhile.  I pictured our house in Ohio with the lilacs on the east side of the house.  I pictured my nose stretching into their blooms with my eyes closed–trying to capture the moment a little longer.




All parts of the country (and world I am guessing) have their native wild flowers.  I don’t necessarily love just this flower while forgoing all others.  While working at my landscaping job many years ago, I took great pride in trying to memorize all of the names of the flowers sitting in the green houses at the nursery.  (My pronunciation may not have been right, but I could spell them.)   I love natures color.  And, since spring is the season worthy of queen status, I love this time of year the most.  (The wet Texas spring has certainly helped remind me how much I love it.)

Sound (No pictures here!)

When I walk, I don’t have the ear buds in.  I just like listening to whatever is there to distract me.  If I want to talk to myself, I don’t have to talk over any music.  If I want to listen to the birds or the breeze or the the bicyclist/walkers who I walk past, I can give them a smile and “hello” without trying to convince them the music (or whatever the buds are delivering) are more important-I can try to be sincerely interested in them.


A bit of a stretch here—I am not in the habit of picking up things or crawling while on my walk.  During a portion of the walk, the rains has gifted me with a partially flooded path.  As I walk thru this part of the path, I tiptoe or pick my feel up to try and avoid the wet impact my normal gait would create.  When the splash occurs, the droplets briefly run down my leg.  I only feel the first one–my mind has gone gone back to a time when walking barefoot through the water and splashing were more acceptable.  Everyone should have some memories involving water and unexpected wetness.


For some reason, I am not in the habit of picking up things and tasting them along my walk either….  Today was no exception.  Today, I had an early-stage cold coming on.  I have been brainwashed into believing using Zinc lozenges is a way to minimize the length of the colds uninvited stay.  Although my sense of taste is generally left out of the walking experience, today I tasted every bit of medicine (homeopathic, but still medicine)  before it was swallowed on its journey to whatever zinc does when it is invited by way of an oral invasion.


Although not explicitly stated, this blog post is meant to be a little “thank you” to God.  I am blessed to have each of my senses, my thoughts, and experiences.  I don’t have to rely on a walk to be reminded of these things, but it is a pretty good catalyst.   When I separate myself from the computer and most of my electronics (the phone that almost never rings does accompany me), I gain perspective.   I am reminded of my size in comparison to the rest of creation, and I am reminded of my Creator.  So, the question is, “Do I really like to walk OR do I really just like to use all of my sense to carry on a dialogue with my Maker?”


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