Breaking in the New Neighbor

(Guest blogger – written by our new neighbor that just moved in a little over a month ago.)

It is great to have our own place again after living in an apartment waiting for the right house to come along.  After we found the right house, the 4 months to get the financing lined up was a little excessive.  Despite that, we are in the house now and it is great!

My mother finally has the room she needs.  There is a covered back patio and a covered area to the left of the front door.  It is a perfect area for her to smoke.  Since they are covered, I don’t feel as badly making her smoke outside.  I realize we have one neighbor to our north who may have smoke blow into their yard and patio.  With the fence between us, at most it is 5th or 6th hand smoke.  And, they haven’t complained, so it must not be bothering them.

It is also great to have the pool out back.  It has not been warm enough to use the hot tub.  This is unfortunate.  We still like to be outside whenever we can.  The neighbor to the north is pretty quiet, so we consider it our responsibility to bring a little life to this end of the street.  Since I work out of the house and my mother is there with me, we enjoy being in the back yard and talking loudly and freely.  We can talk about guns in our purses and the impact of age on our bodies as if we are in a confessional–no one but those on our side of the fence to worry about.

My mom’s dog is a little deaf, but his nose still works fine. The walking path that runs behind the house keeps his sniffer working pretty hard–as long as it is not raining.  As he has gotten older, he seems to like other dogs even less.  He barks at nearly every dog and owner walking along the path.  Usually, my dog joins in and gets every dog within a 100 yards excited as well.  The neighbors to the north are usually so quiet.  I don’t even think they are around to hear all of the noise we have added to this corner of the subdivision.

Overall, the new place is working out.  It was worth the wait.  I am afraid to ask the next door neighbor if we are louder than the previous owner of the house.  They wave nicely and seem to be fine.  But, if I ask the  question, I don’t know them well enough to know how honest they might be.  We do like to talk, and we prefer loudly.  So, I will probably just continue with the wave and pleasant “Hellos”.  Anything more than that, and I might get more than I bargained for.  At least I don’t have a neighbor on the other side.  I am only at risk of raising the decibel level for one immediate neighbor.  I bought the house, so a family has to live!


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