Sagging Tattoos

Disclaimer:  I do NOT have tattoos.  I have no regrets for never having a tattoo.  I am fine with others having tattoos.  I fight the stereotypes that clutter my mind as I try to filter out the tattoos and see the person and NOT just them as a canvas with a desire to flaunt their tattoos and acquire more tattoos.

On my walk today, I passed a woman in a short sleeve shirt in her early 70’s walking her dog.  Until I passed her, I was merely working on staying out of the way of her dog.  As I passed her, I realized both arms were tattooed.  As bright and vibrant as the tattoos may have looked when they were brought to life, they now sat on a canvas not pulled quite as tightly as it once was.  As the walk progressed, I continued to ponder the idea of tattoo counseling.

Should those who get tattoos be reminded they are not of the henna variety?  (Maybe they are given more counseling than reality TV makes me aware of.) The needle pricks and the injection of ink (whatever that feels like) should be a strong indication of the permanence of the decision.  The likely attire, tattooedness, and piercings of the person sitting next to them with a book of tattoo ideas might also be a clue.

As with all life decisions, some are easier to forget and appear innocent.  Others, as in the case of tattoos, are going to follow you through life UNLESS you choose to have them removed at an additional cost.  My advice: Save your money and buy a few books.  It takes awhile longer to read a book then to get a tattoo, but when it is done you can know secretly you are a wiser, and probably richer (unless they are professional athletes), person than those whose can measure their tattoos by the square foot.

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