Old People Sunday School

After foregoing Sunday School (aka Adult Bible Class) for over a year, we finally decided to try and get in the habit again.  My daughters get “credit” for attending both church and Sunday School as part of their Christian School education, so rather than play hooky while the other mature adults gathered in their weekly groups, we decided to test the waters and join them.

As we wandered the halls seeking guidance and direction for which class to attend, we stumbled across a man who gave us some clarity.  The “portable Adult Bible Class Information desk” informed us, “This class is 30’s to 50’s.  The other class is 30’s on up.”  For some reason, we felt in an “on up” mood, so we chose to walk through the doors of this classroom.

My immediate reaction was not positive.  As my eyes did a first sweep of the crowd, I believe gray dominated every head of hair in the audience.  Additional sweeps found exceptions, but there were not many.  As we found our seats and avoided the walkers and canes, members of the class were giving their prayer requests.  In our past life, prayer requests were about aging parents and wayward children.  Most of today’s prayer requests were about hip replacements and grandchildren on mission trips.  Certainly, all prayer requests are valid.  None of the prayer requests allowed my eyes to filter out any of the gray they had already seen.

As the time to teach began, I was prepared to have the theme repeat itself.  I was ready to see old, tired people stand up front and give an obligatory lesson with a much less than inspiring message.  Fortunately, I was very disappointed.  The first person stood behind the lectern and attached his headset.  He immediately introduced his “team teacher” for the day.  The next 45 or so minutes was an interactive dialogue with good comments from the crowd.  The team teachers took enough shots at eat other to keep both the crowd interested and God happy.  

As my wife and I left, we had a nice conversation with an older couple.  (It was really all that was available.)  They let us know this was a “normal” week.  When we walked out the door, I let the primary teacher know I enjoyed it.  

Maybe we will or maybe we won’t attend this class again next week.  If we don’t, it is only because we are curious what the other classes do.  It has nothing to do with the age demographic or the amount of gray hair in the audience.  Bible Class is about studying the Bible.  If  you want to hang out with people your own age, you can go to your job or the rec center.  If you want to appreciate the book that your faith is based upon, older people are likely wiser than you and if there hearing aid is turned up, you can have a conversation! 😉

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