Bird Dog Fog

Due to the thick fog this morning and my daughters demand I let them do homework rather than talk, my thoughts tumbled over a phrase — “bird dog fog”.  The meaning of the expression, at least in my mind, is a fog where you are grateful for someone to by driving ahead of you.  In your lane would be preferable, but not completely necessary.  When the fog is so thick with low visibility, a “bird dog” gives you a few extra feet of perceived visibility.  If the car ahead of you is able to proceed along normally without braking, then you are likely to be able to do the same.  

An informal definition of “bird dog” is a person involved in searching.  All cars ahead of me are my bird-dogs because of their ability to extend my vision into the fog a few yards beyond my own limitations.  The cars who fail to have any sort of headlights on are a different bird all together!  This is where the vision extension becomes even more critical.  Maybe driving in fog is something much easier than I realize.  Maybe I am crediting myself with success where it is not due.  Or, maybe I am most successful when going into a “creative zone” and letting instincts take over.  Regardless, a week of high humidity is likely to have this phrase bouncing around in my head a few more days.

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