Post-Time-Change Church

Today was the day all church attenders across the country look forward to…the day we get to sleep in a little.  The day we get to feel a little bit like a “heathen”.  Should we have chosen to awake after our normal hours of sleep, we could have made breakfast, more fully enjoyed the newspaper, or maybe even snuck in a bike ride or walk before heading to church.  Should we have chosen not to sleep in, it was a chance to experience some of those things the non-churched people can choose to do any old Sunday they like.  At this house, we mostly opted for sleep.

As we still seemed to pile out of the house on the later side of “leaving on time”, we were able to critique the affects of the neighbors party.  Having the time change the day after Halloween made for a couple “over-nighters” who parked on the street where perfection succumbed to achieving something within 3 feet of the curb.  Once we cleared the neighborhood, the digital clock in the car had to be sustain 11 clicks to register the “new” correct time.  (SMART cars probably automatically adjust the clocks….like our phones, cable boxes, and computers.)  A few digital clocks back at the house still need to be tickled back into the the right time zone within the next couple of days.

As we get within the last couple lights leading up to the church, a police car is set back off the road a 100 feet or so.  I was driving within the speed limit, so I barely noticed.  As we head toward the next light, an SUV behind me flashes his lights on quickly and back off again.  Not having seen this signal often in Texas, it took me a couple of moments to realize he was signaling the oncoming traffic to watch out for the car whose driver has the ability to write them notes where fines are a possible option.  None of the oncoming cars winked their headlights to acknowledge the courtesy, but it would have been a nice gesture.

The final and not unexpected observation was the church parking lot.  Where first service is usually lightly attended for its acapella-ness as much as for its earliness, it was considerably fuller than normal.  Our normal parking row was two rows further up then was available today.  Since we were on the late side of being on time, the slightly longer walk to the church made us even a little later.

As I walked in, the pastor who often does the greeting at the front of the service was just inside the door.  He had a few kinds words for the stragglers.  He said, “They started singing without you.”  I put my hands in a running position-one in front and one behind me, and shake his had as I pass by.  I am pretty sure he was giving me permission to be a little late—as long as it does not happen again until March of 2016-when Daylight Savings Time begins again.

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