Little Reasons I Hate Driving I

After dropping my daughters off at school, I was sitting at a traffic light waiting for it to change-something I do numerous times every day.  (This traffic light was where an exit ramp and main road met–I was preparing to turn left.)  While I was relaxing at the light listening to music, I received a slight jolt.  A quick glance in the rear-view mirror revealed a truck had definitely got too far into my space.  

I briefly paused, weighing my options.  I felt obligated to hop out of the car and make some sort of a show of frustration.  The driver was quick to tell me, “It didn’t do nothing.”  Of course, this was hard to confirm or deny–he was after all still in contact with my vehicle’s bumper.  Although I only justified my lack of further action later-sticking my nose into my bumper with a potential crazy maniac in the car behind me would not have been a good decision, the vehicle only had a couple of bumper scratches.  (The towing attachment installed a couple of years ago may be a pain when going over areas with low clearances, but it may have played a part in keeping the bumper from yielding to the pressure exerted by the uninvited bumper.)

After calming down (it did not really upset me that much, but it was certainly off my normal routine.), I made my way home.  My wife was still there-not having yet left for work.  She was disappointed I chose not to be more firm in seeking resolution at the point of the accident.  I was glad she went to work shortly and came home nearly forgetting about it.  I had practically already forgotten it myself….

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