Little Reasons I Hate Driving II

Today, I had a different morning driving encounter.  As I was driving the daughters to school, I noticed the traffic on the other side of the highway was not moving too fast.  I resolved to take the access road that runs parallel to the main road when returning back to our home.  It did throw a couple of extra traffic lights into my commute–traffic lights that seem to only let cars trickle through when a flood would most certainly benefit me.  One light was a very light trickle this day.

While patience is not one of my strengths,  I like being trapped on a freeway with non-moving vehicles far less.   As I was within a light or two of clearing the intersection, I continued to look to the right–a turn only lane.  I kept looking for turn signals of people who wanted into my lane-driver’s who wanted to skip the line I waited in and jump ahead quite a few cars–like jumping in front of my car for instance.  I had nearly convinced myself I was going to make it without any intruders even attempting an attack on my lane.  I don’t consider myself an “aggressive” driver, but I will certainly defend my car’s right to its little safety cushion.

So much for maintaining the safety cushion….  As a small gap opened ahead of me–not even big enough for a small vehicle–a truck stuck his nose in.  Since he hadn’t given the obligatory pause to seek my permission and just plowed into the lane, I was not going to give in quietly.  My horn was fully engaged until he was completely absorbed into my lane.  (It must have been a couple of seconds.)  As my pulse was heightened and I was still processing the special bonding I had just shared with this cowboy, he decides to honk his horn for an extended period to commemorate our chance encounter.

Fortunately, no damage to my car or me.  It just was a continuing reminder of why driving is not for the perfectionist.  While others may drive and be oblivious to those sharing the road with them, they do often need to have other drivers help them out when they look up after sending that text or petting the non-distracting dog on their lap.  I may not like having to be friendly with these other drivers, but every time I put the key in the ignition I am taking an oath to try and work with all of those who chose to stick their keys in the ignition, too.

While I dislike the driving process, rarely do I need to read the asterisk related to my oath that mentions how some days my horn is a little more sensitive than others….

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