Little Reasons I Hate Driving III

As I began the part of my day commonly referred to as “pick up the girls”, [taxi for teens]. I got a little bored thinking of the routine of it all. (If my actions should ever rise to the level of being on an assassins radar, a routine could get me killed. Fortunately, I am not very accomplished…) As my mental cruise control continued to run unimpeded, I made the right hand turn onto the access-road/entrance-ramp.  I made sure I was in the far left lane so I would not have to think further as I followed the lane directly onto the freeway.  While the highway was on the left, a big box store was on the right(actually quite a few such stores). The parking lots dumped directly onto the access road. It was the hope all drivers entering the access road would exercise common sense as they pulled onto it.

Since there were many right-sided access points to the road sandwiched between the highway and the shopping area, I was fortunate (Really not fortunate) to encounter a truck.  The truck was driven by a young guy who was determined to squeeze onto the entrance ramp between me and the driver ahead of me. Even though he would have to clear 3 lanes of traffic and immediately enter the highway, he saw it as an excellent opportunity to burn off some excessive testosterone….while forcing me to either find mine or deny its presence entirely.   As he pulled into my lane and forced me to brake (I do admit to speeding up to try and keep him from executing his plan), an extended tap of my horn seemed in order.  

As he got up to speed and we entered the freeway, I thought briefly the whole affair had ran its course. This was not the case. The lane we were in was an exit only lane. I immediately switched lanes expecting him to do the same. When he didn’t switch lanes, I made an effort to pass him on my right.  Not surprisingly, I was greeted by his bumper as he whips his truck into my lane and cuts me off.  He briefly slowed which forced me to do the same. Once his appetite for revenge was quenched, he sped up and thought no more of me-at least in a tangible way I could see.   

Apparently, the use of my horn deeply bruised his manly pride.   I will admit to exceeding the advised and posted speed on this access road.  I just continue to be amazed at his need to create a collision course only avoidable by me not wanting to play chicken–he already committed.  When I decide not to allow the construction merging cars to blend into my lane EVEN THOUGH they ignored all signs preparing them for this eventuality, I get flipped off.  As I age and tire of having to compensate for drivers who fail to see “merge” or “yield” or “stop” signs, I have no choice but to drive on.  I am looking forward to the day when the drivers who feel “entitled” to their own private freeway can all fight it out WITHOUT me having to watch their individual temper tantrums.  (Some days I realize I may be having a little tantrum myself….)

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