UPS Boo-Boo

Leading up to Christmas, you heard of the occasional stories or saw videos of thieves stealing packages filled with Christmas surprises off of peoples front doorsteps.  Yesterday, for a moment, I felt like a thief….

Earlier in the week, I ordered a new set of shoes from Amazon.  I probably won’t need these shoes for a couple of months yet.  I have that “be prepared” mentality.  Two days ago, I received an email from UPS to expect their arrival tomorrow.  (I do have a UPS account, so I am not sure if this is a unique service I receive OR if it is entirely based on what the Amazon seller includes when the packing label is created.)

Yesterday (aka “the next day”) arrived.  It was late afternoon when my email arrived from UPS.  I had just come back from my walk, so I found it a surprise the package had eluded my view when I came in the front door.  Well, the package was not there–not tucked in anywhere–just not there.

Since I was pretty sure my email did not lie, I started to think of what could have happened to my shoes.  In the past few months, someone tried to deliver a pizza to our house because of a wrong address (It was paid with a credit card by the real orderer and wonderful, thanks–not really), a repairman has shown up a couple of times at our address when there is the same number address (different street name) a couple of streets over, and probably a couple of other incidents where visitors get confused in sub-divisions where the a similar word/theme is present in every street name.  Since I just got back from my walk, I “hoped” my street would provide the solution I was looking for.

As I fought back the possible negative impact of having to walk up to someone’s front door to retrieve the package, I headed toward the short end of the street.  It was my goal to stay at sidewalk distance from the front doors–I assumed UPS did not have any special “signature” hiding places for each address.  Once the short end of the street was reached without any suspicious shoe box size packages, I retraced my steps and headed the other direction.  It did not take long to visually confirm the neighbor on the other side of our house had an appropriately sized box on their front porch.

At this point, I had to figure out what the ramifications were when walking up to a neighbors front door.   I looked up and down the street.  I saw no curtains pulled back or swaying as if just released by a “Mrs. Kravitz” (aka nosy neighbor).  I glanced up and down the street to make sure there were no cars who might find my actions suspicious.  With all bases covered, I put on the most relaxed smile I could muster and confidently walked to the front door and picked up the box.  When a glanced proved it was my name on the address label, I knew I was in the right, but what if someone turned me in?

I considered taking a selfie with me and the package at their front door (I also would have taken a picture of the package address to remove any doubt), but I was concerned this would draw too much attention.  Should I text the picture to him so  my integrity would not be put in question but only possible my judgement? I settled for a picture of the package address with no texting.  I would have evidence if ever needed.

Next time we are raking leaves (he does not seem to enjoy raking as much as me), doing basic pool maintenance (we seem to be on different schedules for doing this) or messing around in our garages (both of our garages face north so this one is not likely to happen either), we can discuss the crazy things that sometimes happen when the UPS guy only looks at the first two digits of a four digit address…..

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