Mistletoe Nirvana


If you live in the south and if you are a certain type of tree, it is accepted you will become afflicted with the mistletoe parasite.  (This tree/mistletoe relationship is exactly like the relationship between the government and taxpayers.)  While I have no knowledge of how the mistletoe is governed once it infects a tree, I am pretty sure the tree is not consulted as to whether it minds.  And, as the mistletoe continues to send up new sprouts (or increase its parasitic activity or seek world domination within the few branches of its world), it is unclear whether the tree eventually attempts to negotiate a truce.  The proposed truce might be,  “If you keep this up, I am going to die so please lay off the expansion program.”  The mistletoe may counter with, “Cry baby!  This is what we do!”  Regardless of the dialogue, this tree seems to be a very poor negotiator.

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