Not Old Enough To Be Dead

As I perused the Sunday paper today, I was nearly overwhelmed with the number of obituaries filling the pages.  (nearly 4+ pages)  Since I am getting along in years myself, I did a quick glance over the pictures of the deceased trying to determine if I have any “age buddies” who have passed on.  Fortunately, my age range doesn’t fill the pages….yet.  But, when I do see a picture approximating my age, it is often a fairly recent picture.  Those of the older deceased suffer from a different problem….

It appears those who die in their 80-90’s have determined it is not beneficial (rather the families or spouses have made this decision) to post pictures within a year prior to their death.  Most of the octogenarian and nonagenarians seemed to have pictures representing the “them” of a decade or two  before.  Some of the obituaries even have two pictures.  Maybe one when they served in the military and then one that follows the above rule.  The theory being the them they have become may not be recognized as the them they now are.

Of course, we are all old enough to be dead.  Life is not overly discriminate when it passes its baton to the next runner (I thought about putting other modes of transportation here.  But, since I believe a new body awaits believers on the other side, running seems to be the proper mode.).  Our pictures may identify us, but they do not identify who we are.  So, if you feel death coming on in a decade or so, you may want to consider getting a REALLY good picture.  You don’t want people to think you are old enough to be dead when you get there.

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