The Strike Zone

As I came back from my walk last night (Yes, I do walk LOTS), there was a small little snake (maybe a copperhead–he was various shades of brown) on the front porch.  He/she was absorbing the heat coming off of the concrete.  He was only 6 inches long, so I did not consider him any sort of threat at all.  I worked to find a long piece of mulch or a twig to remove him from anywhere female eyes might see his legless, slithering body.

Unfortunately for him, when I went to slide the twig under him, he assuming the “strike” position.  His “strike zone” did not put me at risk, but it did make me reevaluate my earlier plan.  Is relocating a poisonous snake a good plan? Is it worth confirming he is poisonous before permanently removing him from among the living?  After I make my decision, should I tell any of the females (or any reptilian-averse house members) a snake was sited and the threat was removed from our property?

I did opt for the safe plan.  The method used to remove the threat was accomplished based on what was available to mete out the necessary sentence.  (If I get into specifics, it may sound like I enjoyed the procedure.)  Once I thought about what the worst possible scenario could be if his sentence was commuted, the death penalty seemed an easy way to avoid any threats from the future him.  Life is precious, but preventing risk to the ones I love is even MORE precious!

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