Garage Sales Have Consequences

IMG_1330 IMG_1332

The garage sales were not for naught.  There are now two houses for sale (or very close based on “Coming Soon”)  across the street.  Now, we have a couple of things to get excited about….

  • What will the house sell for?  What will it do to our property values?  (We did get a letter yesterday from the county letting us know the property values are going up and our taxes are going up.  We can try and fight a portion of the increase in value to keep our taxes lower.  But, if the house sell well, it will make this effort more difficult.)  How long will it take to sell?  And, what fun things will they throw out when they move that we can try and adopt?  (We still reflect back on the big screen TV we adopted a few years ago.  It did get adopted at least once after it left our house.  Whether it works or not, putting a sign on it saying “It works” brings the suckers out.)
  • Who will the new neighbors be?  Will they have kids the same age as our kids? Pets?  Do they know how to clean up the messes their dog makes? How many cars do they have and will they have to park on the street frequently?  (At least neither of these houses is right next door.  If, for instance, the residents of the house were in their backyard or on their front porch smoking, we would not get any smoke blown into the house. [This has not happened to us…others have told me it has happened to them. ;-)]) Will we have similar interests to them?  Will they get rude with us when we try and take cookies over to welcome them to the neighborhood?  (All of our neighbors are perfect…none of them are capable of doing such things.)  Will we clique in some ways with the new neighbors?  Will they be new to DFW or will they just be upgrading neighborhoods?

As we anticipate change, we await the revealing of the answers to these questions and others.  Over time, the mysteries and surprises of change will be revealed.  The addition of other new neighbors has not gone how we anticipated or maybe desired.  This is quite possibly do to our busyness and lack of effort. I hope we can embrace this opportunity to welcome them.  May all of the attempts to be good neighbors in the past be good training as we seek to do better in the coming weeks.

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