The Puddy Tat

As my wife and I went on yet another of our frequent walks last night, we stumbled across a first.  On the other side of the ditch, we saw a “puddy tat” on the other side of the ditch.  It did not seem to be a normal cat.  He had dark brown coloring.  He seemed to be a little bigger than a normal cat, but we credited that to him being on the other side of the ditch.  As he seemed to be content staying still, we nearly moved on.  Then, we got his profile view.  It was not hard to determine this was not a normal cat.  Although he was not the size of a mountain lion, he was definitely not the household pet type of cat either.

After taking my pictures and video (the Iphone pictures are better than nothing), the lady behind us with her small dog also wanted to confirm her instincts were correct.  (The bobcat was probably about the size of her dog.)  We saw a millennial couple who noticed the creature and were curious as well.  It seems bobcats are far less normal to see than coyotes.

On a final note, my son took an Environmental Science class his senior year of high school.  I chaperoned on one of their field trips.  On this field trip, they found out about a study being done where collars were put on bobcats so their movement habits could be tracked.  I don’t remember all of the details.  I do recall that bobcats do move around a bit.  Our bobcat was not collared, but he was moving!!


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