Losing Facebook Friends

I have been posting so little on Facebook lately.  I find it so full of postings from those who seem to need to be recognized.  (I did post something the other day about the bobcat in our neighborhood, but that is unique, right?)  I have this friend who has been sharing all of these political things to my timeline.  I don’t hide from my politics, but I am also very reluctant to consistently remind people of my politics.  So, when my “friends” dropped by one the other day, I wondered what I had done.

If my politics was offending someone, I could have expected a few more drops than just one.  If I posted way to much, then I may see a drop as well.  So, my theory is someone has made their account “inactive”.  While my ego is not suffering terribly from this loss, the sleuth in me still would like the mystery to be solved.  I realize the downside if Facebook would inform “unfriended” people  of the occurrences.  Bullying would go up, and fear of suicides and other adverse results would keep the Facebook attorneys concerned about the ramifications of the change.  My curiosity might be someone else’s identity crumbling around them.

In a social media heavy world, we need to have selective sensitivity.  If parents would make more effort to protect their kids from the “crazies” on social media, then they wouldn’t be on Facebook and similar sites (My daughter’s love Pinterest.  They don’t seem to dive emotionally if they are not followed.  They do it because they enjoy “finding and not being followed”.) until they had the necessary emotional maturity to handle it.   If your grandma or mother unfriends you, you may want to watch the content you post on your Facebook page.  If your spouse “unfriends” you on Facebook, you might need to look in the mirror and decide you need some new priorities.  If you can’t remember the last conversation you had with a real person, maybe you need to put yourself in a room with others where conversations are not an option.  Some “old” skills may need to be relearned….the “friends” you care about will be there on social media when you return.

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