National Walking Day

As I again donned my shoes and shuffled down the sidewalk, I knew I was not alone today.  While passing a fellow walker is not unknown, it would seem “National Walking Day” would bring out a bigger crowd.  I was not alone on the concrete path, but mid-day crowd did not seem to be embracing the opportunity either.

The one issue that bothers me most when I walk is the ear buds.  To me, walking is a way to step outside of the baggage associated with my desk.  Walking is an escape from the “busy” world and an escape to the world of a wandering mind where pockets of nature can still be found.  Since I am a regular walker, I would propose the day be, “National Stop Using Your Ear Buds and Listen to What Is In Your Head Rather Than Filling It With a Podcast or the Newest Itunes Day”.  We can agree exercise is good.  Might I suggest we consider placing our minds in a state of thought without pressure for results.  A state where we allow our mind to explore the input from our senses in a way a desk will not permit.

If you want to make the claim, “I have nothing in my head if the ear buds are not inserted.”, I can sympathize.  If you feel it might be too traumatic, you can start slow.  You can alternate with ear buds in for 5 minutes and then out for 5 minutes.  You might even try listening to music you really dislike.  After you anxiously yank the ear buds out, you might find the sound of nature more inviting.

Disclaimer:  If you do not have a park to walk in where natural sounds are available, you can disregard everything above.  Car horns and blaring radios would have the opposite of the desired effect.  Thanks for reading this anyway.

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